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Where to Get Immunized

Your doctor’s office or primary care clinic is often the best and least expensive place to get vaccinated. Call in advance to check if there’s a cost (all health plans under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare must offer routinely recommended vaccinations with no co-pay), and to make sure the vaccines you need are in stock.


If your doctor's office does not have the vaccines you need, or you cannot get an appointment in time, check the options below.


Vaccines for Adults

  • All vaccines for adults are available at AITC Immunization and Travel Clinic, which is part of the public health department. AITC offers most vaccines on a drop-in basis for a fee. Appointments are required for persons planning international travel. Check the AITC website or call (415) 554-2625 for prices, low-cost vaccines, and insurance coverage information.
  • Many vaccines are also offered at pharmacies on a walk-in basis for a fee. Use the Health Map Vaccine Finder to find a location that offers vaccines.


Vaccines for Children

  • Children are best served when they receive vaccines as part of a routine well-child visit from a primary care provider. All children in San Francisco can have access to medical care.
  • Call the San Francisco Health Network New Patient Intake Line 415-682-1740.
  • If your child needs vaccines for international travel, contact AITC.
  • Call (415) 554-2955 for information about special immunization clinics for children and families who are having difficulty getting access to vaccines.


San Francisco Flu Shot Locations


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