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Services for Local Businesses and Organizations 


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Let AITC come to you... on-site service at your workplace


AITC regularly provides on-location TB testing for school personnel.


For organization sending their employee overseas, we provide complete Travel Health Visits, including vaccination,

right at their offices. 


All adult vaccines can be given at your place of business.


And of course, AITC is expert at holding flu vaccination clinics


On-location flu vaccination clinics: over 10 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients

Businesses and organizations like yours, for whom AITC has provided convenient, cost-effective, on-location services.

  • Professional services firms
  • Schools
  • Public agencies
  • Foundations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private companies from many industries (banking, investment advisers, real estate, construction, entertainment, retailing, and more)


We value your time and respect your staff

Every year, we give literally thousands of flu shots on-location at local businesses.

  • An experienced, well-trained Registered Nurse will be your provider
  • We show up early and set up efficiently
  • We provide service with a smile
  • Patient confidentiality is strictly observed
  • All your questions are answered
  • Prices are competitive, volume discounts are available


If it works better for you, AITC can also set up a contract for your employees to receive any or all of our services at the AITC office in the San Francisco Civic Center.



Business Services

For a quote, or to discuss scheduling:


On-Location Flu Vaccination - contact Hannah Abarquez or Dan Kato, Flu Vaccine Coordinator



All other On-Location Services - contact Nikkie Ho, Operations Manager

(415) 554-2765 or email







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