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Guidance for Long-Term Care Facilities



Webinar Presentation: Antibiotic Stewardship In Long-Term Care Facilities, August 8, 2017


Long-Term Care Facilities are a special setting that can benefit from tailored guidance regarding the spread of infectious diseases. The San Francisco Department of Public Health is committed to helping prevent the spread of influenza and other communicable diseases in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCFs). Is your facility located in San Francisco? Concerned about a flu outbreak in your institution? Contact the Communicable Disease Control Unit by phone at (415) 554-2830. We are here to help!


Below is a list of resources created specifically for the LTCF setting. Additional materials will be added over the next few months. Please check back frequently for updates.



Materials created by the San Francisco Department of Public Health:


Materials created by other public health and government organizations:


Preventing Influenza in Long-Term Care Facilities: Guidelines and Best Practices 

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is currently meeting with LTCFs across the city to discuss evidence based strategies for preventing influenza cases and outbreaks in the LTCF setting. If your facility is interested in being trained, please contact a Public Health Nurse by calling (415) 554-2830. All materials from the training, including a PDF of the full PowerPoint presentation are available below. Please note that all documents in the resources section above are presented during the training, but will not be duplicated in the list below.


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