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Yellow Fever Vaccination with STAMARIL® Vaccine



Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of the only yellow fever vaccine (YF-Vax) licensed in the United States, has announced that YF-Vax will be unavailable from mid-2017 to mid-2018 because of delays in the production process. Sanofi Pasteur received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make another yellow fever vaccine called STAMARIL available in the United States under specific FDA rules for imported vaccines.


Manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur in France, STAMARIL is registered and distributed in Europe and more than 70 countries in total. Over 400 million doses of STAMARIL have already been given worldwide and it has been shown to be safe and effective.  It is a live, weakened virus vaccine, very similar in composition, safety and efficacy to YF-Vax.


Vaccine Availability and Eligibility


AITC is now offering STAMARIL to our clients who need yellow fever vaccination. 


STAMARIL can be given to persons age 9 months and up who are traveling within 30 days to a yellow fever transmission region or to a country requiring proof of yellow fever vaccination under International Health Regulations.  Some persons cannot receive STAMARIL:  infants under 9 months of age, persons with weakened immune systems, persons allergic to eggs, pregnant women, and women who are unable or unwilling to stop breastfeeding for at least 2 weeks.  




  • Assessment.  STAMARIL eligibility will be assessed during a Travel Health Visit appointment at AITC.  We require a Travel Health Visit appointment at AITC for all persons seeking vaccination prior to international travel, including yellow fever vaccination, and even if they have already seen another provider for vaccine or travel advice.  Sorry, but no exceptions.  Generally people find our Travel Health Visit to be a thorough assessment of travel health risks, and a highly informative preventive health experience.  Because our expert clinical staff does travel health all day, every day, we are often able to provide advice that was not obtained elsewhere.  If it turns out that yellow fever or another vaccine is NOT necessary for your trip, we will inform you.


  • Informed Consent.  STAMARIL is available in the USA under an FDA Expanded Access Program, which follows certain rules and regulations. Our staff will fully explain the process, risks, and benefits of STAMARIL vaccination.  Your written consent is required in order to proceed with vaccination.  


  • Minors.  Children age 9 months through 17 years of age may receive STAMARIL however the parent or legal guardian must be physically present at the visit in order to provide written consent.


  • Cost.  There is a fee of $107 per person to be vaccinated with STAMARIL, in addition to the fee of $50 per person for the Travel Health Visit. The STAMARIL vaccination fee can be paid at the time of your visit or billed to a Blue Shield of California or United Healthcare PPO plan.


  • Certification.  AITC has authority granted by the State of California, Department of Public Health to administer yellow fever vaccine including STAMARIL to the public. As part of our STAMARIL vaccination service, we will stamp your International Certificate of Vaccination, which can be used to obtain a visa or enter a country with yellow fever vaccination requirements.


  • Follow-Up.  If we vaccinate you with STAMARIL, the FDA Expanded Access Program for STAMARIL requires that you inform us if you experience a side effect or health condition after vaccination.  We will explain this process in more detail at your visit.


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