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We prevent the spread of disease in San Francisco by investigating cases and outbreaks, promoting vaccination, and planning for infectious disease emergencies.

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Measles is Circulating in the Bay Area: Make Sure You're Protected!


California is experiencing a large outbreak of measles. Although measles has not been confirmed in a San Francisco resident in 2015, there have been workplace and BART exposures. The outbreak began in December 2014 when at least 40 people who visited or worked at Disneyland theme park in Orange County in mid-December contracted measles and it has now spread to at least half a dozen other states.

The best way to prevent measles is to get vaccinated. Many people have already received two doses of measles vaccine, called MMR and are considered immune to measles, but others may still need one or two doses of vaccine.

For more information:

Medical providers: Review the SFDPH Measles Health Advisory and updated Measles Quick Guide for Physicians dated February 11, 2015


Increase in Shigella Infections


San Francisco is experiencing an increase in cases of shigella infection. For more information:

Medical providers: Review the SFDPH Shigella Health Advisory dated December 22, 2014


Flu Season 2014-2015


Flu season is here. Annual flu vaccination is recommended for all persons age six months and older. The best place to be vaccinated against influenza is at your doctor's office. If your health care provider does not have vaccine, click here for places to go in San Francisco.

Health care providers:

  • Check out the newly released SFDPH Influenza Health Update to find out the latest information regarding reporting requirements, specimen collection, antiviral treatment recommendations, and vaccines 
  • Visit our Flu Health Care Provider Information page for information regarding mandatory masking requirements for unvaccinated health care workers, guidance for long term care facilities, and detailed vaccine information


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