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San Francisco Department of Public Health
Communicable Disease Control & Prevention Section



The Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Section, part of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, works closely with community members, clinicians, and city, state, and private organizations to protect the health of San Franciscans and our visitors. To control and prevent the spread of disease we support community immunization programs, clinician education and training, and emergency preparedness. We monitor communicable disease outbreaks, alert clinicians to public health threats, investigate cases, and address routes of infection.

Communicable Disease Control Unit

The Communicable Disease Control Unit controls and prevents communicable diseases for San Francisco residents and its visitors by tracking reports of over 80 reportable diseases and conditions, investigating cases and contacts, and recommending public health actions to control the spread of disease.

Communicable Disease Prevention Unit

The Communicable Disease Prevention Unit works to prevent communicable diseases and promote vaccines across the lifespan for all San Franciscans. Our program's primary areas of emphasis include childhood, adolescent and adult immunizations; outreach and education; and vaccine distribution to eligible public and non-profit providers.

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